Insta-Lube Kit-How It Works

All internal combustion motors and engines manufactured today have a common design flaw.

The motor oil pressure that separates and prevents wear to the main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, piston wrist pins isn't present until after the motor is already running!

In the beginning all internal combustion motors used the splash system of lubricating the main and rod bearings.

Unfortunately the bearings didn't last long before they had to be replaced.

If the owner was lucky the particular connecting rod going out didn't fly through the block and ruin the engine completely, but only if he shut it down as soon as the first knock was heard.

Because the bearings in the splash system weren't separated by pressurized oil they tended to make contact with the crankshaft and immediately freeze up when the lead they were made with melted and broke off.

Finally someone had enough motor rebuilding and decided to solve the defect by drilling small holes the size of a drinking straws to connect all the bearings to an oil pump that would separate the bearing surfaces with pressurized oil.

The reasoning was that as long as the pressurized oil maintained a clearance between the bearing surfaces, absolutely no wear could occur, and they were correct

The first designs had the oil pump connected to the crankshaft, which had to spin several hundred revolutions before the first oil pressure was present to separate the bearing surfaces, resulting in a small amount of wear every time the motor was started.

The longer the engine was idle between running the greater the wear to the main and rod bearings as well as the Hydraulic valve lifters and cam bearings etc. every time it was started.

Virtually all internal combustion motor and engine manufactured today have the same design with the same obvious flaw.

This design flaw results in dry bearing abrasion each and every time the motor is started.

If this could be avoided up to 50% of total motor bearing wear would be eliminated just by having oil pressure before the engine is started.

With the Insta-Lube motor pre oil system protecting your motor, filtered oil is stored in the accumulator ready to pressurize the system BEFORE the first revolution of the crankshaft.

           Thereby completely eliminating all of the wear due to dry bearing abrasion!

As soon as the ignition key is turned on the low oil pressure light will instantly go out and the oil pressure gauge will start to register pressure BEFORE the starter engages!

The accumulator tank is connected to the motor oil gallery where the pressure-sending unit enters the block with a 3/8-inch hydraulic hose.

When the engine is running the oil pump fills and pressurizes the tank while the digital controller insures that the highest pressure and volume of oil is stored ready for the next start-up.

 The next time you turn the key on oil is instantly returned to the oil galley to pressurize it just as though the oil pump was running.

The Insta-Lube Pre-Oiler will work on all Autos, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Marine Motors, Classic Car Motors, Motor Homes, SUVS, Gasoline Motors, Diesel Motors and Propane Motors.

Marine grade hardware and fittings ideal for all boat motors or marine inboard motors.                                              
The Insta-Lube Kit has an aluminum tank, solenoid valve, solenoid valve controller, mounting brackets, hydraulic hose, pipe fittings hose fittings,and wiring.

"Cold Start" can destroy bearing surfaces and lead to progressive failure. "Cold Start" failure shown would have been prevented if the engine had an Insta-Lube Prelube kit installed!

Complete Kit Only $249.95

Insta-Lube Kit

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